Auto Industry Credit Card Processing Services

There are a number of different fields within the automotive field that can benefit from accepting credit cards as a form of payment. In order to stay competitive in the industry, it is important to offer as many conveniences to your customers as possible. Since a growing number of people are relying primarily on their credit cards to make their purchase payments, accepting credit cards as a form of payment is just one more way to remain competitive.

Industries and Companies We Support:

  • Garage and Repair Centers and Shops
  • Used Car Lots and Dealers
  • New Car Dealers and Brokers
  • Dealers whose Clients and Customers have Bad Credit
  • Online Brokers and Transport Businesses
  • Engines and Transmission Part Locators
  • Ecommerce and Retailer Companies

  • Accepting Credit Card Payments at Car Dealer Lots

    If you own a car lot that sells new or used cards, accepting credit cards for payment can potentially make the entire sales process much easier. Many consumers are choosing to purchase their vehicles with their credit cards, particularly those that qualify for low interest rates on their cards. With the competition among credit cards causing them to offer very attractive rates to their best customers, purchasing a car with a credit card may be a wiser financial decision for some consumers than obtaining a traditional bank loan. Therefore, in order to capitalize on this group of consumers, it is a good idea to accept credit cards for payment.

    Merchant Accounts for Service and Repair Shops

    If you own a car maintenance shop, accepting credit card payments is just one more way you can make thing convenient for your customers. Since some repairs can be quite costly, many of your customers may not have enough money in the bank to pay for their repairs. By accepting credit cards for payment, your customers can easily cover the expenses of their repairs without having to worry about where they will get the money. You can also receive payment right away rather than having to set up a payment plan or working out other deals with customers that are unable to pay for repairs.

    Card Processing Payments at Car Rental Businesses

    Accepting credit cards is a good choice if you own a car rental business. Since many credit cards offer free insurance coverage for car rentals, many potential customers will not rent from your company if you do no accept credit cards. Therefore, failure to accept credit cards for payment can really hurt your business. In addition, with credit card insurance coverage in place, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be repaired or replaced if it does get damaged by one of your customers. Although you will certainly offer insurance coverage to your customers, having the coverage taken care of with the customer’s credit card means you don’t have to worry about your premiums going up if a customer does get into an accident.

    If you are ready to start accepting credit card payments or you are simply looking for a new credit card processor, America Processing will be happy to help! We provide services to a number of businesses in the automotive industry and understand your unique needs. Contact us to learn more.


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