Accept Credit Cards over the Telephone

As a business that depends upon the telephone to make profits, you will have very little chance of staying afloat if you do not allow your customers to make payment with a credit card. After all, there is no easier way to make a payment than with a credit card and trying to accept a check or money order after completing a sale by phone can be difficult to do. Therefore, if you want to give your business any chance of being profitable, it is necessary to allow your customer the option of paying with a credit card.

Cashing in on Spontaneous Purchases

The number one rule in sales is to seal the deal as quickly as possible. By appealing to a person’s emotions, you can get that person to make a purchase that they might not otherwise make. Therefore, if you give the customer time to think the purchase over, he or she may decide against making the purchase.

With a telemarketing business, you need to be able to complete the transaction right away before the customer changes his or her mind. By allowing the customer to pay with a credit card over the phone known as a MOTO Transaction, you can easily get the credit card account number and complete the transaction quickly. If the customer has to pay with a check, on the other hand, you will have to provide the customer with payment information and the customer has time to think about making the transaction before he or she actually writes the check. During this time, you may lose out on an important sale.

The same is true when it comes to mail order catalogue sales. If a customers sees a product that he or she really likes and can pick up the phone and make a purchase without any hassle, he or she is more likely to complete the transaction. Therefore, in order to increase your sales volume, you should serious consider offering your customers the option of paying by credit card.

Understanding Your Needs - Lowering Your Rates

Of course, when it comes to telephone sales, your needs can be vastly different from other telemarketing companies. While one company may enjoy a large volume of sales, another may only make a small number of sales. Yet another may make only a few sales on a regular basis, but each transaction may be quite large.
Regardless of your sales volume and trends, you need a credit card processor that will work closely with your business and that will offer you the best deals on the type of transactions you make. Otherwise, the credit card fees that your business has to pay can severely cut into your profit margin.

At America Processing, we will look closely at your sales volume and the types of products you offer. In that way, we can pair you up with a credit card processor that will offer you the best rates on your credit card fees. Once we do find a processor, you are under no obligation to work with that business. Therefore, you have absolutely nothing to lose when you let us work together with you!