Website Payment Processing Setup & Solutions

Having an e-commerce business can be a risky endeavor. At the same time, if you manage to find success, you can make quite a bit of money from a business that is based on the web. In order to find this success, however, it is absolutely necessary to accept credit card payments from your customers. Although there are other potential payment options available, you can severely hurt your income if you do not allow your customers to make payment with credit cards.

Exploring Other E-Commerce Payment Options

Aside from accepting credit card payments, there are only a few other payment options that you can provide to your customers. For example, you can accept payments through online banking systems such as Paypal Although Paypal is certainly popular, there are still a number of people that do not have Paypal accounts and are not comfortable with setting up an account. Therefore, if you do not accept credit cards and insist on Paypal instead, you will likely lose a number of potential customers.

You can also accept checks and money orders from your clients and customers, but the process of accepting checks is long and drawn out. This is because your clients or customers need to first send you a check, which you have to clear before you can send out the product. This process can take a couple of weeks to complete. With a credit card payment, on the other hand, the process can be completed immediately.

Keep Your Customers Happy with a Credit Card Payment Option

Accepting credit card payments from your customers is just one more way you can keep them happy. Customers that shop online are usually looking for instant gratification and, in our ever-increasing virtual world, they can often receive the instant gratification they are seeking. If you do not accept credit card payments through a gateway from your customers, you will be giving your competition an advantage. Falling behind the competition is even more problematic when it comes to a virtual business because online customers can literally shop at stores around the world. While accepting credit cards for payment won’t necessarily set you apart from the competition, failure to accept credit cards will make you stand out in a negative light.

Of course, in order to keep your customers happy while accepting credit card payments, you also need to provide them with a place to complete a secure transaction. With fears of identity theft being a growing concern among consumers, offering a secure web site where they can make purchases is essential.

If you are ready to offer credit cards as a payment option to your customers, America Processing can help. We will create an online account that will allow you to accept payments from your customers immediately while also keeping track of your payments and providing you with easy access to your account. Contact us to learn more.